Bonus Plans

Fast Start Bonus

Awarded to distributors when they recruit new members within a specific time period after joining.

Binary Matching Bonus

Derived from the binary compensation plan; it's a matching percentage of the team bonuses earned by the distributors one has personally sponsored.

Unilevel Bonus

Earned on sales made by members in a distributor's downline, usually limited to a certain number of levels deep.

Leadership Bonus

Awarded to higher-ranked distributors, based on a percentage of sales volume or profits from several levels of their downline.

Check Match Bonus

A percentage of the commissions earned by personally recruited distributors

Rank Achievement Bonus

One-time bonuses awarded when distributors achieve a new rank or level in the company.

Residual Bonus

Regular and recurring income earned based on ongoing sales or consumption of products/services in one's network.

Retail Profit or Sales Bonus

Earned from direct sales to customers, representing the difference between wholesale and retail price.

Team Bonus

Compensation based on the sales volume generated by a distributor's downline team.

Generation Bonus

Given to top leaders on sales made by their downline, often extended beyond the immediate few levels and into deeper 'generations' of their team.

Infinity Bonus

Earned on sales from all levels down to the end of your lineage, typically awarded after reaching a certain rank or achievement.

Car Bonus

Incentive provided to those who reach a specific rank, usually in the form of a monthly payment towards a car lease or purchase.

Travel Bonus

Rewards in the form of sponsored trips for achieving certain milestones or ranks.

Home Bonus

Similar to the car bonus, but the incentive goes towards home payments or purchases.

Pool Bonus

A percentage of company-wide sales set aside for top performers, which is then distributed amongst those who qualify.

Renewal Bonus

Earned when members in one's downline renew their memberships or subscriptions.

Coded Bonus

Unique bonus structure where distributors can earn commissions beyond their immediate downline based on a coded relationship.

Gap Commission

Fills the 'gap' in commissions between different levels or ranks.

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Rank-Based Compensation

Performance-Based Compensation

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