Compensation Plans

EBM Sys offers MLM compensation plans for both Direct Selling and Network Marketing companies. In addition to the plans we offer, we also customize MLM plans based on your requirements and needs with Hybrid comp plan options.

  • Distributors are placed in a binary tree structure.
  • Compensation is often based on balancing sales volume between the two legs (left and right).
  • One distributor can recruit as many members as they want, all forming the first level.
  • Typically pays commissions on a limited number of depth levels, though the width level is unlimited.
  • Pre-set width and depth, such as 3x7, which means a member can recruit 3 members on the first level, and it goes down to 7 depth levels.
  • Often combined with other plans to create a more complex structure.
  • Distributors advance in ranks based on their sales performance or that of their team.
  • When a distributor reaches certain predefined criteria, they "break away" from their upline and operate more independently.
  • Distributors work in a board or group with a set number of members.
  • Once the board is filled, it splits, and the top member moves to the next higher board.
  • Every member is placed in a single line.
  • Compensation is based on the sales made by everyone in the line, regardless of who recruited whom.
  • Distributors pass up sales to their upline based on a predefined number. For instance, in a 2-up plan, the first two sales could be passed up.
  • After passing up the required sales, the distributor can earn from their own sales and from some sales of their downline recruits.
Frame 1 (3)
  • Sales and recruitment happen primarily through home-based parties.
  • Hosts invite friends and acquaintances to their homes, where a distributor showcases products.
Frame 1 (2)
  • Often used for companies that sell products directly.
  • Distributors earn from sales made by their downline members up to a certain number of generations.
  • Combines elements of two or more traditional compensation structures.
  • Designed to leverage the best parts of multiple plans to benefit the company and distributors.
Frame 1 (4)
  • Based on giving a gift or donation and receiving gifts or donations from others.
  • Controversial and often seen as unsustainable, resembling pyramid schemes in many cases.
  • Distributors advance in steps or ranks.
  • The higher the step, the more benefits and commissions one can earn.

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