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Creating Technology for Client Success for More Than 20 years

As the industry’s most trusted MLM software development company, the team at EBM has successfully launched nearly 1,000 clients in more than 185 countries. Our team supports you through every step of launching your company — providing you with the insights, best practices, and lessons learned from all our client launches. 

The Tools You Need for Launch

Getting your company off to a successful start and setting the stage for growth is simplified with the Freedom software’s end-to-end capabilities.

International Expansion

Enter international and emerging markets quickly and efficiently with the Freedom software’s unlimited languages and currencies, configurable content and cross-border sponsorship. With offices in Florida and Singapore, our global services team has you covered. Our global launch support team includes an Implementation Specialist, Compensation Plan Specialist, Trainer, Technical Architect, and Sales Force Growth Specialist.

Open Platform

EBM designed our technology and support services to scale with your business. Because the Freedom solution is configuration-based – you are in complete control. Features can be turned off for simplicity and turned on as you grow and need additional functionality. Our ecosystem allows you to leverage APIs to create a unique experience for customers and representatives, along with the ability to integrate 3rd party Warehouse/Shipping/ERP solutions.

Implementation Team

Our implementation managers will work with you on setting up your system with all the features you need to run your business. You will work together on all the milestones required to launch.

Product Specialists Team

Our product specialists will help you refine, design, develop, implement, and manage your customization requests to ensure minimal turnaround time, maximum returns, and maximum efficiency.

Commissions Analyst Team

Our compensation plan analysts translate your compensation plan into a software design document to use when building your system. This detailed documentation includes all of the logic, criteria, rank, and bonus behaviors that will be used to program Freedom to work precisely as you desire.

Client Services Organization

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