Complete Party Management

Facebook & Virtual Parties

Grow sales with online events that enable consultants to reach more shoppers and sell more products. Share and demonstrate products while interacting directly with viewers to gain new customer in real time.

Party Bookings Engine

Make it easy for consultants to set up new events, enroll party hosts, manage product shipping, create unique party links for ordering, and close parties once all the orders have been placed.

Electronic Invitations

Create digital invitations with built-in RSVP tracking. Share invitations with one-click on multiple social media platforms, email, or SMS text. Easily add existing or new customers to the guest list, and track confirmations.

Party-Specific Reporting

Our Software provides Consultant’s with a comprehensive reporting solution to view the details of an individual party, as well as the ability to view summaries for all her open events, closed events, and downline events to enable her to quickly see the areas in her business that need attention.

Order History

The robust reporting built into Freedom enables Consultants to instantly view and sort historical and current orders by customer, by party or by hostess. Quickly view invoices, order details, volume, and shipping status for all orders.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive design is mobile-friendly and makes it easy for anyone to shop and purchase on your site from any device.

The tools hosts need to run a party or event easily and effectively.

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