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A promotion is designed as a limited time offer that’s used to increase awareness and sales of a product or service. Promotions are prizes or rewards that apply to an order during processing. A successful promotion will achieve a measurable boost in sales by lowering the risk to buy a product and incentivizing consumers to purchase now.

Inspire Your Reps and Customers

Promotions aren’t just for special occasions and holidays! Boost your business and revenue year-round with retention-focused promotions.

Standard Promotion

Offering standard promotions and special offers to your potential customers drives sales, increases conversion rates, and encourages repeat purchases. The Promotions Engine supports a wide variety.

Enrollment Promotion

Drive new representative sign-ups with product discounts, complimentary products, free shipping, or special offers during the enrollment process. Try offering 20% off product packages for a very limited time.

AutoShip Promotion

Get creative by rewarding representatives based on qualifying autoship orders. Try buy-three-get-one-free discounts or prizes for being on the same autoship for every X consecutive periods.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be awarded through Promotions, Bonus, or even through a Shopping Cart Purchase.  Gift Certificates are an excellent way to attract and reward new business, entice the impulse buy, and incentivize loyalty.

Robust Gift Certificate Functionality

Gift certificates open doors to a deeper level of customer and representative engagement and additional marketing opportunities. You can define the categories, product groups, or items that can be purchased when a gift certificate is redeemed and the flexibility to determine pricing and volume awards.

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