Soft-Launch Process

Now you don’t have to hire a company to build your MLM software for a few months or even years, invest it in EBM’s platform.

How it works?


The effectiveness of a soft launch primarily hinges on your company’s readiness to provide all the necessary inputs during the data collection phase. This ensures that our delivery team is not kept waiting on your end. If your team is responsive and ensures that all their responsibilities are prepared (as outlined in the kick-start items table below), it is feasible to have your system operational within the promised 15 business days.

It’s important to emphasize that this timeline is contingent on your team’s readiness. Any delays caused by your company’s failure to provide these items promptly will directly impact the scheduled go-live date for your soft launch.

Data Collection Check-list


As part of all our licensing packages, we provide a comprehensive turn-key solution that includes website development featuring our shopping cart experience. However, if you prefer to continue using your existing WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or Bootstrap website, we do offer an integration option.

Domain Name

You must procure a domain name through a registrar like or a similar service. You should have the capability to edit the "A" record for DNS management.

Compensation Plan

Define your baseline compensation plan, including ranks, commissions, and bonuses. We will configure the plan according to your compensation plan document for the soft launch.

Sales Tax Rates

Enter the applicable sales tax rates for the relevant areas, or utilize integrated tools like Taxjar or Avalara tax for tax calculations.

Enrollment Products/Packages

Specify the products or packages that can be purchased for enrollment in your company. You may define up to seven options.

Merchant Solution Account

You will need to acquire a valid merchant solution provider account for credit card processing or crypto gateways. Please provide us with the necessary security credentials, including APIs for integration.

Notification Services

Create an account with for autoresponders and for two-factor authentication (2FA) notification services, respectively.

Shipping Rates

Set the shipping rates for your products. If you prefer free zone-based shipping, you can include the appropriate cost in the product or package pricing.

Terms and Conditions

These should be provided by your attorney or an authorized authority. Please furnish our team with your terms and conditions in either Word or PDF format.


Your team should provide us with the necessary images, logos, and preferred color codes for branding your enrollment page and distributor back-office. Our team will provide you with exact specifications for the images.

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